Remodeling to Accommodate Disabilities with AERP

Happy Man With Disability — Handicap accessible in Tenino, WA
When dealing with a disability, common household tasks can become taxing or even dangerous. This is especially true when talking about bathroom design. High-edged tubs, slippery tile, and a lack of handrails or ramps can lead to injury. This is why AERP will work closely with you for the accommodations you need in your new remodeling.

Experienced in Handicap Accessible Construction

We have a background in projects specifically for disabilities. When it comes to your health and safety, you can rely on AERP. We have remodeled bathrooms with walk-in tubs and rails. We have also taken projects to replace stairs with a ramp and guide rail. If the project makes life easier for our clients, we want to help!

Special Offer for Accommodation Construction

We are dedicated to helping you get the accommodations you need. Currently, AERP is offering 10% off on labor for handicap accessible bathrooms with walk-in tub and showers. We also offer consultations and free estimates. So if you are considering handicap accessible renovations, give us a call at 360-960-1759 to learn more.